Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Master suite

I haven't really got much further on with the master suite on the attic floor. Except for getting the ensuite finished.
 I'm hoping to create a good sized bedroom area and furnish it with kits from Elf Miniatures After enjoying doing the kitchen kits I think I should be able to finds some fitted wardrobes kits to put in here.
As I said I've already finished the ensuite which is open to the main area complete with corner bath, loo, bidet, basin and heated towel rail.

Now I need to concentrate on doing some more joinery!  My plans are to add a wall to create a small 'landing area' (will only be visible through the open door) and a door leading into the bedroom. Hopefully this will give the impression of stairs leading up from the floor below. With the addition of a light and allowing it to shine through the open door I'm hoping it will look convincing...... 
I suppose I could make it much easier for myself if I just went ahead and furnished the room as it is pictured below!

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