Saturday, 5 August 2017

An update at last!

I'm sorry I've not updated this blog for such a long time but there hasn't really been anything of any significance to report for awhile really but here I am now with one or two new bits to tell you about.
Firstly "64 Springwood" now resides beautifully alongside all my other houses in a new set up in the dollshouse room!
We had to buy more cupboards to enable me to have more space inbetween the houses so that I could actually get inside them! Before we did this they were too close together and posed problems with opening the big front doors on them. What a job though! the three original cupboards all had to be emptied and the dollshouses on the top put somewhere else so that we could move them along abit.
New cupboards had to be built and then all of it had to be put back together! Worth it for the end result.....

So now they're much better and all together!
You can follow my other dollshouses in the photos on their own blogs except for "Kringles Toyshop" I need to start a blog for that one yet.... 

My other news is that we now have lighting! It's taken me awhile to get this sorted because of the space issue but this past week I got on and did it and I'm so pleased with how it's turned out making the house look so much more homely and realistic!


  1. Wow they are all lovely Kath. Blog again soon! 😊

    1. Thankyou Kat! Will try and Blog more often - been getting to grips with a new laptop and getting my photos onto it! I used to do alot on my iPad before but Blogger has stopped supporting mobile devices now so it's a whole new ball game!

  2. What a MARVELOUS way to display all of your work! The dollhouses look like they are in a neighborhood and the Fabulous closed cupboard shelving keeps your supplies neat and tidy- How Perfect!

    1. Thankyou Elizabeth. It doesn't look as tidy as this when I'm 'creating' but I do try to clear up after myself as we have to walk through this room to get to the conservatory where we spend alot of our time....I'm pleased you like it x