Thursday, 31 August 2017

Master suite Update

Now that I've got something completed I thought it was time to update on here...I know my posts are rather sporadic but my work on my miniatures is the same so when I'm not getting on very well with my creative side the blog suffers aswell!
So after alot of thinking I decided on the room layout...I had hoped to put in a false door and wall but the room space would have been so much smaller so I decided against that option and opted for a simple, spacious layout instead. again I've used kits from ELF Miniatures and I'm happy with how it all looks...
 This picture shows the beginning! All those packets to build up!

Here is the beginning of the building ... the kits are easy to build and consist of mainly building little boxes of differing sizes and adding tops

Here are the bedside tables built alongside the bed which was ready built also from ELF

The dressing table was next...I built two with a continuous top

Then the wardrobes..these were built up from two double wardrobe kits, again with a continuous top..

The painting came next - several thin coats of emulsion and lots of rubbing down. 
When I was happy with the finish I gave them a good buffing with a soft cloth which gave them a nice soft sheen.

I forgot to order any handles when I sent for the kits so I had to think where I  could buy something locally so I didn't have  to pay postage...
I found these in The Range

They look ok I think

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Master suite

I haven't really got much further on with the master suite on the attic floor. Except for getting the ensuite finished.
 I'm hoping to create a good sized bedroom area and furnish it with kits from Elf Miniatures After enjoying doing the kitchen kits I think I should be able to finds some fitted wardrobes kits to put in here.
As I said I've already finished the ensuite which is open to the main area complete with corner bath, loo, bidet, basin and heated towel rail.

Now I need to concentrate on doing some more joinery!  My plans are to add a wall to create a small 'landing area' (will only be visible through the open door) and a door leading into the bedroom. Hopefully this will give the impression of stairs leading up from the floor below. With the addition of a light and allowing it to shine through the open door I'm hoping it will look convincing...... 
I suppose I could make it much easier for myself if I just went ahead and furnished the room as it is pictured below!

An update at last!

I'm sorry I've not updated this blog for such a long time but there hasn't really been anything of any significance to report for awhile really but here I am now with one or two new bits to tell you about.
Firstly "64 Springwood" now resides beautifully alongside all my other houses in a new set up in the dollshouse room!
We had to buy more cupboards to enable me to have more space inbetween the houses so that I could actually get inside them! Before we did this they were too close together and posed problems with opening the big front doors on them. What a job though! the three original cupboards all had to be emptied and the dollshouses on the top put somewhere else so that we could move them along abit.
New cupboards had to be built and then all of it had to be put back together! Worth it for the end result.....

So now they're much better and all together!
You can follow my other dollshouses in the photos on their own blogs except for "Kringles Toyshop" I need to start a blog for that one yet.... 

My other news is that we now have lighting! It's taken me awhile to get this sorted because of the space issue but this past week I got on and did it and I'm so pleased with how it's turned out making the house look so much more homely and realistic!

Kitchen cupboard lights

Earlier on in the blog I mentioned that I was going to have under cupboard lighting....I got around to it eventually but even so I've not connected them to power yet so I just hope they work!
this is how I went about it....
Here you see some brass eyelets (large enough to take a grain of wheat bulb), bulbs connected to wire and my trusty little hand drill'

On the underside of the cupboard I drilled a hole and inserted one of the brass eyelets, then threaded the bulb through

I secured the wire with masking tape making sure that the bulb sits neatly in the eyelet. I then made a small groove at the top of the back of the cupboard to lead the wire through so that it will lay nicely at the back when I add the cupboard top.

I must get them connected now and see if they work ok....

Et Voila! They do!