Sunday, 17 July 2016

Moving upstairs....

The post title is a little misleading because, as you know by now, if you've been following this blog that I have removed the stairs! the mini world it is allowed and we can 'pretend'  that there are some. Most dollshouses on the market today really only consist of half a house. There aren't usually any rooms at the back of the ones you see when you open the front door of your miniature property making it all look very unrealistic. Of course we understand the reason why - 3d dollshouses would be very large to accommodate if they were deep enough to have rooms front and back. A miniature enthusiast therefore has to use 'tricks of the trade' or 'poetic licence' to make their house appear to be more 3d looking and that is why I've decided to make Sixty-Four a little different.
You've already seen what I've done downstairs by adding the extension on the back for the utility and cloaks and how I've opened up the living area to create the lounge, kitchen and dining areas. Upstairs I have gone on to make the bathroom, study, landing and bedroom with additional walls and doors.

These few photos show the planning stages...

Much measuring and writing on floors!

....positioning of doors etc.

Cardboard walls!

And more positioning of doors....

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