Thursday, 30 June 2016

The master suite

My plans for the house have now continued on up to the top floor/attic area. Up here again I've left out the stairs as I did on the floor below. I've also made  a new floor so that I didn't have any stair holes to contend with. So now I am left with a lovely spacious area which I can make into a beautiful master suite.

I've measured up the space and decided where the walls will go to make up a small landing, ensuite bathroom and bedroom. The small landing will only be visible through the open door leading into the overall space. This will allow there to be 'stairs' leading 'off'....
The ensuite bathroom will be open to the area.
You can see how I've fitted in the ensuite in the following photos.

The ensuite takes up just a small area to the left of the whole attic area so I have plenty of space left to put in some fitted furniture. More planning and measuring ahead....

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