Thursday, 30 June 2016

The first floor

When I began this project, using what was a relatively simple dollshouse kit, I knew from the very beginning that I was going to be making lots of changes to the original design. My plans were quite ambitious and I have wondered at times whether I would be able to pull it off. However after managing the dining room and utility area extension on the ground floor (albeit with a little help with the sawing of wood by my husband, Keith) it's beginning to look as though I might be getting there! 
So now I'm up to the first floor! The kit originally had just two rooms up here with the stairs coming up the middle (as most dolls houses do) After doing away with
the stairs (again!) and making a new floor, I now had a decent sized space in which I've created a family bathroom, a study, a bedroom and a landing together with a false door at the back (to another bedroom) By doing this I I've given the house a 'real 3d' feel to it. 
Because of no stairs being in view it was necessary to give the illusion of there being some so that is why I needed to have a landing which turns a corner...
The following photos will show you how I've managed to do this.

The rough mock up

Work in progress

The photo above is the family bathroom and the landing going around the corner to the 'stairs' and 'spare room'

The last photo shows all the rooms now on this floor - bathroom, study and bedroom and how it relates to downstairs... 

And this is the family bathroom seen only through the open door now.

The photo below is taken before the walls went up...




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