Thursday, 30 June 2016

A sink in the utility

At last we have a sink in the utility!
I decided on a stainless steel single bowl and drainer for in here which I bought from along with a monobloc tap.

As you can see I've also added a few accessories to the shelves and a double wall socket.

Another addition is the radiator

I'm nearly finished in this area now. Maybe just a few more little accessories to add yet though? I've nothing hung on those pegs above the radiator....some coats, a dog lead perhaps....? I will have to see what I can find for that!


  1. Hi,I used to follow your progress on the mountfield, I didn't realise you had more projects! I just stumbled upon this blog while researching inspiration for my own miniature. I will be following progress on this one, its looking great so far! Do you still have the mountfield?

  2. Hi Stuart and Thankyou! Yes I still have Mountfield and I'm still working on it. It's nearly finished but not quite....I have a few properties on the go but limited space to work on them....Thankyou again for your kind comments.