Monday, 30 May 2016

Kitchen worktops

 After getting to that stage of near completion with the kitchen and utility, I looked again at the work tops and decided not to keep them as wood. I changed the one in the utility first to see how it would look using fablon and added some accessories. 

New worktop  (I must get the sink bought and fitted!)

I think it looks ok...

I love this iron from Delph Miniatures

The whole kitchen done.

More accessories added

Ceramc hob and extractor from Elf Miniatures

Breakfast bar with sink again from Elf Miniatures

Very pleased with my extractor!

I've been looking forward to this stage where I get to put in all those little finishing touches. I've a few more things to get but very happy with progress so far...


  1. Kath I had to do a double take !! it is amazing, so life like. Please can I shrink and move in when it is finished

  2. Just beautiful attention to detail. Love every inch of it. Marilyn