Sunday, 17 July 2016

Moving upstairs....

The post title is a little misleading because, as you know by now, if you've been following this blog that I have removed the stairs! the mini world it is allowed and we can 'pretend'  that there are some. Most dollshouses on the market today really only consist of half a house. There aren't usually any rooms at the back of the ones you see when you open the front door of your miniature property making it all look very unrealistic. Of course we understand the reason why - 3d dollshouses would be very large to accommodate if they were deep enough to have rooms front and back. A miniature enthusiast therefore has to use 'tricks of the trade' or 'poetic licence' to make their house appear to be more 3d looking and that is why I've decided to make Sixty-Four a little different.
You've already seen what I've done downstairs by adding the extension on the back for the utility and cloaks and how I've opened up the living area to create the lounge, kitchen and dining areas. Upstairs I have gone on to make the bathroom, study, landing and bedroom with additional walls and doors.

These few photos show the planning stages...

Much measuring and writing on floors!

....positioning of doors etc.

Cardboard walls!

And more positioning of doors....

Thursday, 30 June 2016

The master suite

My plans for the house have now continued on up to the top floor/attic area. Up here again I've left out the stairs as I did on the floor below. I've also made  a new floor so that I didn't have any stair holes to contend with. So now I am left with a lovely spacious area which I can make into a beautiful master suite.

I've measured up the space and decided where the walls will go to make up a small landing, ensuite bathroom and bedroom. The small landing will only be visible through the open door leading into the overall space. This will allow there to be 'stairs' leading 'off'....
The ensuite bathroom will be open to the area.
You can see how I've fitted in the ensuite in the following photos.

The ensuite takes up just a small area to the left of the whole attic area so I have plenty of space left to put in some fitted furniture. More planning and measuring ahead....

The first floor

When I began this project, using what was a relatively simple dollshouse kit, I knew from the very beginning that I was going to be making lots of changes to the original design. My plans were quite ambitious and I have wondered at times whether I would be able to pull it off. However after managing the dining room and utility area extension on the ground floor (albeit with a little help with the sawing of wood by my husband, Keith) it's beginning to look as though I might be getting there! 
So now I'm up to the first floor! The kit originally had just two rooms up here with the stairs coming up the middle (as most dolls houses do) After doing away with
the stairs (again!) and making a new floor, I now had a decent sized space in which I've created a family bathroom, a study, a bedroom and a landing together with a false door at the back (to another bedroom) By doing this I I've given the house a 'real 3d' feel to it. 
Because of no stairs being in view it was necessary to give the illusion of there being some so that is why I needed to have a landing which turns a corner...
The following photos will show you how I've managed to do this.

The rough mock up

Work in progress

The photo above is the family bathroom and the landing going around the corner to the 'stairs' and 'spare room'

The last photo shows all the rooms now on this floor - bathroom, study and bedroom and how it relates to downstairs... 

And this is the family bathroom seen only through the open door now.

The photo below is taken before the walls went up...




A sink in the utility

At last we have a sink in the utility!
I decided on a stainless steel single bowl and drainer for in here which I bought from along with a monobloc tap.

As you can see I've also added a few accessories to the shelves and a double wall socket.

Another addition is the radiator

I'm nearly finished in this area now. Maybe just a few more little accessories to add yet though? I've nothing hung on those pegs above the radiator....some coats, a dog lead perhaps....? I will have to see what I can find for that!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Family Bathroom

I've been working on the family bathroom today. When completed it will only be seen through the open door. It is the first of the three rooms which will make up this first floor.
This photo shows where it is in relation to the rest of the house.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Kitchen worktops

 After getting to that stage of near completion with the kitchen and utility, I looked again at the work tops and decided not to keep them as wood. I changed the one in the utility first to see how it would look using fablon and added some accessories. 

New worktop  (I must get the sink bought and fitted!)

I think it looks ok...

I love this iron from Delph Miniatures

The whole kitchen done.

More accessories added

Ceramc hob and extractor from Elf Miniatures

Breakfast bar with sink again from Elf Miniatures

Very pleased with my extractor!

I've been looking forward to this stage where I get to put in all those little finishing touches. I've a few more things to get but very happy with progress so far...

Friday, 27 May 2016

"Chim Chimney!"

Houses look so much better with chimneys don't they but it's amazing how many modern house builders (real) don't put them on these days....I live in a relatively modern house and I'm pleased that we have one. Houses look more finished off with them I think. In the case of this modern 1:12 scale house I'm happy to say it came with one. Well two in fact but I don't know if I need two as there is only one fireplace, having said that I suppose the central heating boiler could have a chimmney? I will see as they're quite a challenge to 'brick'....

Nearly finished.


And up on the roof!

We have a roof at last!

It has taken some time but at last I've got around to getting the roof tiles done! That's the trouble with 'flitting' from one property to another, things get left on hold in one while you're busy with something else in's also a nice aspect of the hobby being able to have more than one thing on the go at once as some days you just don't feel like doing certain things. Anyway it now means I can close up the house and I won't be able to see the half done bits inside!
Here's the finished roof.....apart from the ridge tiles and the chimmney that is. It will look much better with the chimmney on!

I used mdf tile strips which I bought from the I've used them before and they're relatively easy to use, not too expensive and make a lovely modern style roof.

I cut them using a small saw and used a sanding block to get them to fit well, A paper template is handy to get the angles right around the dormers and chimmneys etc.

I learned when using these before that painting the edges is a good idea as it's difficult to do this once they're stuck on without messing up the edges of your roof..

This is my half way progress..

Now for the lead flashing.  I bought this self adhesive roll from Romney Miniatures which I've not used before.  

It wasn't as easy to apply as I thought it would be and I'm not entirely happy with my efforts as it doesn't look all that neat but for my first attempt I will leave it as it is for now....

So there we are that's my last two days work....

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Outside again!

With mini building, outside works aren't dependent on the weather which is a good job here in the UK! So while the rain was coming down in the real garden the other day I set about preparing the roof for tiling. I needed to get the dormer windows together and stuck on before I could begin the main section of the roof. I've never actually put a dormer window together before and it was abit of a challenge getting all the pieces the right way on! Anyway I managed it as you can see from the photos. (I don't know why Blogger always puts the photos the wrong way with the completed part of the process first grr!)

Two dormers completed
Roof tiled

All tiled

Tiling the sides
Got them together and painted.

mmmm? Which piece fits where...?