Monday, 24 August 2015

Some outside work.

It's always a dilemma knowing where to concentrate your efforts when you begin a new project. Do you get it all looking good on the outside first and hold back on starting the inside....? Or do you dive straight in and get cracking on the interior? It's like you want to do two things at once!
Well I decided to do two things at once - I started on the facade of the building whilst at the same time planning and designing the inside.  It was nice to have different things to do.

My inspiration for doing the stone and brickwork on the porch area comes from the houses around where I live.
I used Richard Stacey real stone for this.

Then came the brickwork using Richard Stacey Versi Slips.

All grouted in. 

My little cat Mia giving her seal of approval! 


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