Monday, 17 August 2015

I've made a start on this my latest house!

This is my version of the Springwood Cottage kit made by Dollshouse Emporium.
It will be set in the present day. Modern but not ultra modern, more classic modern if you know what I mean....with some alterations, modifications and additions!

First the shell of the house had to be taped together so I could begin the real planning. In my head I have had ideas spinning around for ages on how I want it to look. Now whether they will come to fruition is another matter!
The photo below shows the basic house.

The ground floor will be open plan. The stairs will have to go I think and there will be an extension on the back, making a bigger lounge/dining room and extra space for the kitchen......

A large piece of mdf is marked out ready for cutting - thank goodness for hubby who helped with this!

After lots of looking and thinking, measuring, marking out and sawing I began the painting so I could get the house stuck together. 

I began this job outside because it was such a lovely day.....

But had to abandon that as the bugs wanted to join in the fun landing on my lovely paintwork!
Next came the exciting bit of gluing it altogether....

Here it is all put together and painted.

Doorway leading into utility and downstairs cloakroom and dining area to the right.

That's the progress so far!

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