Monday, 24 August 2015

Inside planning....

Back to the inside.
Here are some photos with the ideas I have for the inside of this house.
I love 3d dollshouses but of course the space they take up in reality is immense and my tiny  bungalow doesn't have the room! So this is my attempt at creating an interpretation of a 3 dimensional living space within a small area.
Now that the house is together I'm better able to see where I'm going with it. The little extension is going to work well....

The walls are all cut and held in place with a side door leading into the utility. The other room at the far side is the dining area leading off the lounge.

This will be the view into the utility and dining areas from the open plan lounge. I will need to fill in the original wall grooves. Coffee stirrers will do that job! 

The open plan lounge and kitchen area looking through to the utility and dining area.

French doors will be on the back wall of the dining area.

This is a view of the whole house. You can see the large area above the lounge and kitchen with the attic floor above. All good big spaces. You will have noticed that I have omitted the stairs which gives me even more room to play with.
The following photos show my rough cardboard plans.

My ideas are still quite fluid but I am hoping on this middle floor to include a family bathroom, a tiny study or box room (these two rooms will only be visible through the open doors) a small bedroom and a landing with a false door on the back wall. 

The family bathroom will be on the left, with a false door on the back wall (back bedroom), the landing turning to the right to suggest stairs,
a box room/study in the middle and a bedroom on the right.

I'm hoping this will work out but there is still lots more measuring and planning to do. My idea was that it would just give a whole new dimension to this house in terms of realism. 
It will mean though that the bathroom and study will have to be decorated, lights installed and accessorised before the walls are in place and the doors fitted
but if it all goes according to plan, the attic floor above will then become the master suite!

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  1. I am into extensions in a big way - love as much reality and 3D-ness I can get in a house. This looks wonderful