Monday, 24 August 2015

Floor laying and fireplace fitting.

All miniature work involves much forward planning and visionary ideas or it's really easy to overlook things and then realise too late that you should have done this before that which then results in undoing things and that  is so very frustrating and messy.
With all this in mind I knew I needed to get the flooring laid downstairs before I could undertake the next phase which was building the kitchen, utility and downstairs cloakroom.

So the kitchen, lounge and utility now has flooring.

The fireplace and skirting board is done.

The dining area is complete with carpet, skirting and french doors.
I took this photo with our real garden as the back drop!


And the downstairs cloakroom which is located just by the outside door and adjacent to the utility.
Both the cloakroom and utility need finishing and accessorising before I can add the internal walls to this area. It will all become clearer later.

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